Digital Marketing

Fashion/Car Videos

interactiveFish’s new and innovative functionality combines to create the perfect technological breakthrough. Agencies and digital creatives can now drive e-commerce through video, particularly within the high-end luxury goods market.

Designer fashion brands and luxury car manufacturers are changing the way that they present their products through digital-first, customer-centric marketing campaigns. By showing luxury brands and products at launch and online simultaneously, interactiveFish provides the absolute solution to create campaigns that interactively target brands directly to the customer. Whether you are launching designer fashion on the catwalk or luxury cars through the dealership network, interactiveFish interacts to create both an action and a reaction, seamlessly through interactive media


Online Retail

interactiveFish has developed techniques that have the ability to make every product or multiple products buyable direct from any video.

Transform standard linear videos into powerful buying platforms - a ‘click anywhere’ function button gives you even greater interactivity. By linking directly to any page on the web or a payment gateway, the user clicks directly to the shopping basket, reducing your user click count.

For example – if we take online Fashion Retail – you can integrate multiple videos into the same interactive product, transforming your fashion collections that can be bought directly from the video.

By simply directing customers to any web page, buyers can link to your payment gateway or shopping basket with just one click.


Online Music

interactiveFish can transform standard linear music videointo a powerful buying platform.

Customers can buy directly through any interactive music video. Interactive buttons can be branded to sell artists’ tickets directly for live tour dates. Previous live shows can also be shown as interactive video. Informational videos can also be shown at the touch of one button to show the layout of venues, for example or to highlight disabled facilities. Your user has the choice to view one video or multiple videos all within the same iFrame. No unnecessary pop ups or gimmicks. Branded icons within the video can signpost the customer to purchase music tracks or albums seamlessly. Downloadable music tracks can be purchased straight from the interactive music video.

Merchandise may be promoted by interactive video or HTML pages and can be bought directly with links to artist’s own websites or sales can be made directly to checkout. Links are not just one way - the customer can return interactively to any video at exactly the same point that they have left off viewing, so there is no interruption in customer entertainment.

Every interactive project can be embedded within any website.



InteractiveFish offers a truly interactive video experience for Vloggers to create powerful and exciting content. Following the same creative process that Vloggers are used to, you can add links from your YouTube channel to drive traffic and users to view your fully interactive Vlog within your own website.

By combining hand movements to full interactive buttons, users can click through from one video to multiple videos, speaking directly to your viewers. By combining several videos together, Vloggers can connect video content within the same Vlog for greater and more exciting effect. interactiveFish’s tools give greater control and choice back to your user, through its comprehensive interactive functionality.

Digital Marketing

Any online Campaign

For any online brand awareness campaigns or to highlight specific marketing information content, interactiveFish can provide a variety of interactive solutions for your specific market sector.

Complete functionality can be built with interactive calls to action, ‘find a store’ or ‘video tours’ built seamlessly within your campaign, making it even easier for customers to discover and understand your brand, products and services.


Online tutorials

From a standard explainer video, InteractiveFish can create multiple marketing campaigns. This demonstration shows two separate projects.

Project one is an interactive demo showing a complete play through of example training material.

Project two is an interactive learning quiz, where if the correct answer is not immediately achieved, you must watch the information video again. Upon clicking the correct answer, you then automatically proceed to the next part of the video – in this case Chapter 2 or 3.

Tracking analytics can be added for an enhanced user learning experience. This type of e-learning or quiz function may be used across multiple campaigns to highlight specific content marketing or to demonstrate products or brands.