Steps to Success

Planning Your Interactive Project

By planning your project first, you can maximise the type of end product that you wish to achieve. Follow these four simple steps before you start to create.

  1. Confirm your Aims

    Choose your video. Choose your content. Agree what your campaign is aiming to achieve

  2. Draw your Storyboard

    Shape your user’s journey through your project – decide what your user will interact with

  3. Scrub your Video

    Count how many clickable items you have in your video & where they appear

  4. Check your Content

    Confirm all branded elements, item content and links

Building Your Project

Once all preparation and planning work is complete, you are now ready to create your project or campaign.

  1. Create your Project

    Set your project’s name, set all the general parameters such as width and height

  2. Create your Theme

    Choose the color for your scrubber and fixed icons like the play button

  3. Create your Composition

    Using your original storyboard as your guide, create your composition using InteractiveFish’s modules

  4. Add Your Content & AEPs

    Add your content & Action Event Points to each of the modules within the Composition

  5. Reporting

    When an online connection is available every click through your products can be tracked for a variety of uses

  6. Preview

    After completing the correct steps, you will be able to preview your project and change if necessary

  7. Download

    When ready you can download your project and implement it how you want it

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