interactiveFish offers full interactive functionality for all subscription packages.

Commercial Use

Any project or campaign you create can be used for commercial application

URL Linking

On one click, you can link to any existing page you want to.

Product Reporting

Any click in your product can be logged and reported on.

Composition Creator

You can create the perfect user flow.

Multiple Event Types

Timed Events - Timed Event Buttons - End Video Events.

Customer Support

For any extra help we offer a 12hr Support Response Service.

Event Editor

Our editor gives you the power to activate your web content.

Video to Video

You can have multiple videos per project or campaign.


Add any type of branded button or icons you wish.

HTML Templates

Choose from a huge selection of templates to save you time.

Action Event Points

Add action event points to any part of your video content.

Looping Functionality

You can loop any part of your video during playback.

Quick Support?

InteractiveFish’s Creative Services Team can consult with you to build highly effective and bespoke interactive marketing campaigns.

Contact interactiveFish for more information