The technology is simple but…

interactiveFish can transform your online digital campaigns by amplifying your brand’s presence. Change the way customers interact with your existing web content. Take any content and transform any linear video to give a return on investment by increased conversion rates. Interactive content engages with your target customer – direct, through any campaign. interactiveFish can raise brand awareness. Increase interactivity. Track user behaviour and views through analytics. Raise conversion rates and measure your success.

It enables complete interactive projects such as e-commerce (fashion/retail), e-training, e-information (product video guides) or e-entertainment. It creates immersive content for greater engagement. Users can click and learn. Click and buy. Connect to your brand. All created simply, through interactiveFish’s intuitive and unique interactive software.

  • Increase direct sales
  • Create interactive online presentations and training platforms
  • Direct through any browser
  • Viewed on any device with fewer clicks

interactiveFish helps you create a hook to start a feeding frenzy.

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