What is interactiveFish?


interactiveFish is a creative software solution tool, designed to build interactive digital media campaigns or projects for any client brand or service.

Its innovative functionality seamlessly fuses any HTML web content with any promotional brand videos.


interactiveFish enables you to create exciting, new and innovative interactive media content through multiple campaigns or projects.

Designed to create new revenue streams for brands by promoting and selling interactively, direct to consumers, through any web browser or device.


interactiveFish enables you to develop engaging interactive marketing content to target, raise brand awareness and increase digital sales.

Embed and display interactive video campaigns anywhere.  Publish at any time with zero barriers.

What does interactiveFish do?

Creative Tools

interactiveFish’s creative software is designed to give you the creative tools to develop enriched interactive video content to promote any brand, product or service.

Interactive media campaigns change the way your customer engages with your online content.

Video to Video and Back…

Users can click and buy direct from any interactive video and choose their journey from video to video and back through any browser.

Users can move effortlessly between interactive HTML, discovering information through video.  By promoting any products or services directly, users can purchase through video to checkout and back.

Direct Sales

interactiveFish’s design tools aid creatives to promote campaigns relevant to any industry vertical.

Convert targeted prospects into direct sales through interactive product campaigns, online presentations or dedicated product training materials.

View interactive content on any device - at any time.


Key industry and market usage


  • Branded Fashion Videos
  • Retail Product Videos eg. Fashion, Car and Music Videos


  • Video Guides
  • General Product Information
  • Event Marketing
  • Competitions/Data Capture
  • Demonstration Portals


  • Interactive Video Guides
  • Software Simulations
  • Learning Portals
  • Video Quizzes
  • Multi Media Training Guides


  • Video & Film Portals
  • Interactive Publishing
  • Interactive Music Albums
  • Interactive Sports Portals
  • Interactive Gaming Portals

Data and Analytics

  • Active users and views
  • Determine campaign details
  • Track conversions
  • Geolocation
  • All devices

Do you want to know more?

We are more than happy to provide a working interactiveFish demo to showcase the many advantages of creating interactive video campaigns for any client brand, product or service.

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