How do I plan an interactive Project or Campaign?

By planning your project first, you can maximise the type of end product that you wish to achieve. Follow these four simple steps before you start to create.

Confirm your Aims

Choose your video. Choose your content. Agree what your campaign is aiming to achieve.

Draw your Storyboard

Shape your user’s journey through your project – decide what your user will interactive with.

Scrub your Video

Count how many clickable items you have in your video and where they appear.

Check your Content

Confirm all branded elements, item content and links.

How do I build it?

Once all preparation and planning work is complete, you are now ready to build and create your project or campaign.

Create your Project’s name

Select your project’s name and set all the general parameters such as width and height.

Create your Theme

Choose or add branded icons to follow branding rules and corporate identity guidelines.

Create your Composition

Using your original storyboard as your guide, create your composition using interactiveFish’s modules.

Add your Content and AEPs

Using your original Storyboard as your guide, create your Composition using interactiveFish's modules in the Composition Editor.


Every click through your products can be tracked for a variety of uses.


After completing and testing everything, you are ready to create the embed code.


Add the embed code to any website or CMS you require. Publish your project or campaign.

How do I start to plan interactive Projects or Campaigns?

To start you need to register for free with FreeFish. Here you can test and play with interactiveFish. After registering with FreeFish you can then subscribe to any subscription tier that suits your needs best.

Do I need specialist skills?

No, not at all. Experience is not vital for a clear understanding or use of interactiveFish. A basic level of Video and Photoshop skills are a real asset, but not essential for any first-timer user. The software gives you a complete tuition guide, to understand its full functionality. It is simple to use. As part of your monthly subscription, you will also be given the tools and the templates to create and publish effective, exciting and impressive interactive digital media campaigns, in no time at all.

How are the campaigns embedded?

Any interactive media campaign’s iFrame can be copy and pasted into any website CMS you have access to.

Can I use interactiveFish to Embed on YouTube or Vimeo for example?

At present, most video platforms only allow you to upload linear video to their sites. You will not be able to upload our interactive video player directly, but you will be able to direct traffic from these video platforms to your own exciting interactive webpage.

By encouraging calls to action and by direct sales, with fewer clicks, on your own web browser, interactiveFish will enable you to raise your brand  through multiple digital channels.  You will then be able to track attribution and analytics direct to your own interactive webpages.

Does interactiveFish offer Creative Services?

Our interactiveFish marketing specialists offer a consultancy service to help you define what you may wish to achieve through any digital interactivity. We can design bespoke interactive marketing projects to any specific brief and for any considered marketing objectives. We can help you monetise your existing linear marketing video, build brand awareness interactively or build a new and customised interactive campaign.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly to discuss your requirements or to see a demonstration of how your own linear video can become interactive.